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[Artist's Story] Waves Of Longing Melt Away

[Artist's Story] Waves Of Longing Melt Away

From a child who once longed for the ocean, to an artist now capable of transforming its intricate beauty into designer candles, this is the story of Howoli

The Introduction

Ever since I was a child, I'd always had an affinity for the ocean, despite not having a specific reason or cause for it," artist Howoli says with a faint smile on her face. Having grown up on a farm, far in-land and miles away from the nearest ocean, she attributes this to deepening her affection for the open water.

"I feel at peace whenever I gaze over the horizon, where the sky ends and the sea begins... the rhythmic crashing of the waves, the brilliance of the sun as it rises above the water, I felt like I could watch this majestic performance for hours on end." 


The happiness Howoli felt from being by the ocean inspired her to create something that would not only encapsulate the way she felt in these moments, but also allow her to bring back a piece of the ocean home with her. This marked the beginning of "Howoli", a name derived from the Hawaiian word Hau`oli meaning "happy". 

The Inspiration

With every image taken and each moment spent by the ocean, Howoli continued to ponder about how she would recreate the beauty of the ocean, until one day the idea of ocean-inspired candles came to her.


Candles: versatile in use and suitable for any occasion, they can be given as house-warming gifts or used as decorative pieces to adorn your living space. 

Candles also served as the perfect canvas for Howoli's artistic side, as they presented her with infinite creative possibilities: some candles could be made to reflect the soft pink waves of dawn, while others embodied the characteristic royal blue hue of the ocean on a still night.

Howoli wanted to stay as true to the appearance of the ocean as possible, not only as an ode to its natural beauty, but also as a way to ensure her customers would get the same magical feeling she did from being by the seaside. 

To take things a step further, Howoli also created a complimentary candle holder designed like a sea shell to make the experience all the more realistic. The holder, sent with the candles when purchased, was not only intended to prevent the melting wax from making a mess, but also for the imagery of the candle drippings to appear as that of a shell filled to the brim with glistening seawater. Lastly, a candle wouldn't be a candle without its signature scent, another aspect that Howoli had taken into careful consideration during the initial planning process. Each candle has a different fragrance depending on the ocean they represent: 

"The Ocean Wave candle has a clean and fresh citrus-like scent, while the Pink Sunrise candle gives off a sweet floral aroma. The candle's scent is meant to be as natural as the scene it was inspired by."

candle candle

The Inception

Each individual candle is one-of-a-kind due to the unique production process that goes into making them. As the gradient for each candle is created through combining different colours by hand, no two candles are exactly alike in appearance despite being the same product. After all, it's these little inconsistencies and discrepancies that make handmade items that much more special and personal.  


In addition, there is one more thing Howoli does before she begins making the candles: a rough sketch. Using the many photos she's taken of the ocean and its natural surroundings as a reference, Howoli sketches out various different shades and tones to conceptualize how they will look when transferred onto the candle frame.

"Each candle design and colour gradient differs based on the way I envision and draw it out, and it's this very process that sets my candles apart from the mainstream," Howoli says.

The Ingredients

Not only are the candles mini replicas of nature, but they also contain natural ingredients, in particular beeswax. Howoli insists on sourcing her beeswax directly from overseas bee farms in order to ensure the wax is both fresh and of  high quality. 

What makes beeswax even more interesting is the fact that its colour and scent changes depending on where the bees get their nectar from.

For example, beeswax from Acacia flowers have a sweet Acacia scent, while beeswax sourced from chestnut trees have a distinctive butter yellow colour and an undeniably strong chestnut smell.

Howoli candles mostly contain chestnut beeswax as it tends to be purer and has a higher propolis content (propolis is a resinous mixture produced by honeybees that has powerful antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties). However, those accustomed to artificial scents may be underwhelmed at first by the scent of beeswax, as it isn't a commonly found fragrance like lavender or citrus. Instead, Howoli promises you a scent you can indulge in that is as addictive as it is natural.

Speaking of nature, Earth-lovers and environmental advocates everywhere rejoice: not only is this candle beautiful and fragrant, it is also zero-waste! As the candle is made entirely of natural ingredients, you won't have to worry about it releasing harmful toxins into the air or affecting children and pets. 

The Incentive

It was only a matter of time before Howoli became a part of the idus family, as an artist who knows the value of the hard work and measured patience that goes into creating handmade goods. 

"idus is a platform where I could truly sense the genuineness of the people who came in everyday. They're not just there to simply buy and sell goods; they're individuals who are here to support a good cause and recognize the invaluable nature of the handmade market."   

Each candle, made with extreme care and the utmost sincerity, is as precious as it is unique. As we wrap up this blog, we leave you with Howoli's final message to our readers: 

"As the candles were inspired by the happiness I felt from being by the ocean, I hope to pass that on to everyone who receives my candles; that they too may feel inspired by its beauty, comforted by its scent, and warmed by its glow."





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