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Use Our Code 'welcome' To Get $5 Off Your Order

Brachiosautus diatomite Air purification, Dehumidification, Deodorization, Home deco

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- The functions of a diatom, which is made of plankton fossils, include removing moisture and odor lingering in the air. The tree-shaped diatom acts as a dehumidifier and also as an air purifier, and therefore has merit in both functionaility and design. The product can be used as a beautifull decoration and at the same time to clean/purify air.
-When placed in humid and smelly spaces, the product will continue to function for a long time if dried in the sun or wind once a month. With a spray of even a small amount of water, it will act as a humidifier adding moist to dry air. Spraying the product with perfume or aroma oil will emit the scent in an easing and relaxing manner.
Because it is made of natural materials, it can be used semi-permanently.
It is an eco-friendly air purifier and humidifier/dehumidifier that does not require any additional management or consumption, such as replacing parts or adding ingredients.
-It functions as a humidifier in dry areas. If you spray water, the water is absorbed by the diatomite particles and then slowly released into the air over time.
-If left dry in a humid place, it absorbs moisture from the air and adjusts humidity.
-It also functions as a deodorizer in places with unwanted odors, as well as an agent to release desired fragrants if sprayed with perfume/aroma oil.
Off&grow is a producer of indoor air purification design products using diatomite aiming to reduce the use of electronic devices used for air purification and humidification/dehumidification. 
The more electronic devices you use, the higher the consumption of electrical energy. Reducing use of carbon energy and healthier changes for the environment can save lives. 
- Keep away from sharp items.
- Keep away from high temperature. 
- Dropping it from a high place or on a hard surface can cause the product to break.