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Use Our Code 'welcome' To Get $5 Off Your Order

A mood light from a rural well

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Hello! We're Wood Remaster!
I made a friendly rural well mood lamp.
I like the countryside scenery. 
When I see a well while walking in the countryside, my heart... 
I feel more comfortable. 
I hope you feel the same way. :) 
While thinking about the countryside, 
It's a well mood lamp that will relax your mind. 
It is a work with the unique sensibility of wood (cedar, acacia, and mulbau).
It's good to give gifts to your friends, or wherever you want to use it. 
I think it suits you.
Even without turning on the back, the well itself looks like a pretty ornament.?
If you turn the handle, the bucket moves. ?
The roof has two options.
1. Acacia tree (light brown)
2. Mulbow (Dark brown +2 dollar)
Size: 24cm on the floor x 15cm on the floor, 18cm on the roof of the well. 
Each branch behind the well may have a different shape.
For the wood finish, natural boiled linseed oil was used.
? Using a dimmer-type brightness adjustment switch.
The light bulb uses a 2w, e17 base Edison light bulbs.
When I looked for a light bulb with a subtle brightness, it seemed to be the most suitable one. :)
The branches behind the well use actual branches, so each can have a different shape.~
Due to the nature of the wood, there may be Ong or crack. 
I would appreciate it if you could see it as a natural feature of the tree.
The cracks actually go better with the well. :)
I'm making all of them by myself, so I think it might take some time. But I'll make it as soon as possible and send it to you!