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Use Our Code 'welcome' To Get $5 Off Your Order

Bear Acrylic Plant Flowerpot Name Tags Label (20EA)

Original price $17.50 - Original price $26.50
Original price
$17.50 - $26.50
Current price $17.50
Product information:
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Color : Transparent / Fog / White / Black
  • Thickness : 3mm
  • Size : S / M / L

     - Bear (S)

     Bear face: 3cm in diameter

     Total Length: 6cm

     - Bear (M)

     Bear face: 3cm in diameter

     Total Length: 9cm

     - Bear (L)

     Bear face: 6cm in diameter

     Total Length: 12cm

  • This is an economical plant name tag that can be written, erased and reused on a plant name tag with a vod maca/magic/sign pen.
  • Watering healthy by checking the soil moisture in the pot
  • Growing fun of plants UP !!
  • Cute design enhances children's experience !!
  • Plant interior UP just by plugging it in!!
  • Does not wrinkle, Long-lasting plant name tag
  • No distinction between flowerpot type / flowerpot size
  • Regardless of the type of flower pot, please make a bear flower bed!!
  • Interior UP just by putting in a plant name tag !!

Bear Acrylic Plant Name Tag (20EA)

Bear Acrylic Plant Name Tag has a protective film on the front and back to prevent scratches.
Before use, remove the protective film and use.

  • When erasing the oil-based pen, erase it with alcohol-containing ethanol, not water.
  • Colors may differ depending on the screen resolution.
  • There may be an error of 1-2cm depending on the size measurement location.