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Use Our Code 'welcome' To Get $5 Off Your Order

[Camping/Traveling] Outdoor Balm/Outdoor Spray

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Original price $15.03
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-Camping/Travel/Outdoor Must have Item!-

Outdoor Balm/Outdoor Spray (60 ml/mist)/Outdoor Spray (150 ml/gun type)

I've been waiting for a more gentle and secure outdoor product. Let me introduce the 3 outdoor products based on the raw materials of the best cosmetic grade.

A. Outdoor Balm

"This is a balm that is soothing. It contains chestnut which provides a mild cooling feeling with organic oil, natural mints and green tea extracts that are effective in calming the skin."

Organic sunflower seed oil, organic jojoba oil base.

Moisturizing irritated skin from outdoor activities!

Mild Cooling - Cool sense of top peppermint oil!

Tea tree oil, organic lavender oil: soothing effect!

It contains true chestnut contents that can be used by men, women, children, and the whole family during outdoor activities with its mild and soft use based on organic raw materials!

*Organic certification component > 97%

B. Outdoor Spray 60ml/150m

"It is an outdoor spray based on organic aloe vera extracts and natural ingredients that are blended with the best aroma oil that flies hate."

It's portable when you are going camping, doing outdoor activities, outing, golfing, hiking, or doing traveling somewhere hot and humid overseas!

It has ingredients that flies hate: blending of citronella leaves / eucalyptus leaves / lemon peel oil, and aroma oil.

"The whole family can use the spray as it is consisting of natural ingredients along with the official certification of difficulture agent."

*Please note that the effect may vary depending on the user.

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