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Use Our Code 'welcome' To Get $5 Off Your Order
Use Our Code 'welcome' To Get $5 Off Your Order

Cute 3D character

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$21.65 - $73.42
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Cute 3D character
✔The file you worked on will be sent as a JPG file.
 ( not figure or frame delivery)
JPG portrait files are great to use for making your own things, such as cell phone wallpaper/photo printing/mus cups, and calendar making!
✨Product information✨
• Square (2300px x2300px)
• Size A4.
• If you tell me the size you want, you can change it.
• if you have not added small items, ex) 1th photo 
• Animals and buildings are not manufactured.
• Contact the author before purchasing if it is difficult to distinguish between simple and special accessories Please :)
• The author creates a background that matches the photograph.
• You can change it at any time from day to dawn.
<Work Period>
• Production takes a lot of time to deliver high-quality works. It usually takes about 3-7 days, so please take your time to place an order
• If you are wearing masks in the picture, they will be erased :)
• Complicated clothes and accessories can be expressed simply.
• Please send me a high-resolution picture for smooth work.
• If you start working, you can't get a refund.
• Simple modification within 24 hours and no modification to behavior.
• The copyright of the work belongs to the artist. The completed work is used as the artist's portfolio and can be used for the artist's SNS, ideas sales, and personal promotion. If you don't want it, let me know in advance.
• Works are not commercially available.
✨How to order✨
1. Please select an option and press Purchase.

2. Inquire Ideas messages and ask for photos you want them. Please tell me the requirements in as much detail as possible.<Alternatively, please send the photo and the name of the orderer to>

3. We will send you an e-mail after completing the work.