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Use Our Code 'welcome' To Get $5 Off Your Order

Double-crossed ring and bracelet chain bond set

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Original price $24.12
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[Product Introduction]

It's a set where the ring and bracelet are connected by a chain. It's a simple bonding set designed only with crosses and chains.

[Size Details]

Ring size: Free size [Minimum No. 11'18]

Ring-Bracelet Length: 12 cm [Let us know if you wish to change the length]

Wrist circumference size: Select from the option (you can adjust the length by yourself up to 5cm)

The ring is a free-size ring that fits your hands. The size beyond the minimum and maximum may not fit.

-How to select a bracelet size-

Wrap the wrist tightly with paper and measure the length with a ruler.

Note: You shouldn't choose a big size just because you want to wear it loose.

There is already a loose fit, so if you select 12 cm, you can wear it from 11'16 cm.

If you don't want a lot of extra loose chain, please write down how many centimeters of extra chain you want to have.

However, it may be difficult to wear it if the spare chain becomes too short.

[Material Details]

Pendant: Surgical Steel

Chain: Surgical Steel

rings: brass plating

Bracelet: Surgical Steel

What is a surgical steel?

It is a material used in medical surgical tools and kitchen equipment that has little allergic reaction, and can be worn for a long time because it has no discoloration.

How should I care brass platings?

Brass-plated products can be discolored and may be partially allergic when exposed to water, sweat, or air for a long time. If you keep it sealed in a zipper bag after wearing it, you can wear it for longer.

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