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Use Our Code 'welcome' To Get $5 Off Your Order

EM Beer shampoo for troubled scalp

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Original price $33.23
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We present you a EM beer shampoo (250 ml)

It's the shampoo that I've always wanted to emphasize on biodegradation.

We generously put in EM to meet biodegradation, which is insufficient for natural-derived surfactants. But this doesn't necessarily mean that it is harmful to the body.

For smoother hair, use with scalp lotion conditioner. we will send you two conditioner samples!

We recommend it if your hair is getting thinner and for your family's hair care!

Note that there's a lot of beer yeast in here. If you look at other beer yeast shampoos, they use the expression 50,000ppm. It means that there are 5g of beer yeast extract in one bottle.

We use beer yeast powder as well. It contains 1g of beer dry yeast powder and 10g of yeast extract. Since yeast powder can be made 5 times/10 times more yeast extract, in terms of ppm, it'll be 200,000 ppm.

Beer yeast is said to contain 53% of its content as an important protein for scalp/hair growth.

It is also the best raw material containing 8 kinds of amino acids, vitamin B, beta glucan, selenium, and minerals, which are good for scalp/hair.

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