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Use Our Code 'welcome' To Get $5 Off Your Order
Use Our Code 'welcome' To Get $5 Off Your Order

Lübeck orange earring

Original price $45.88 - Original price $45.88
Original price
$45.88 - $45.88
Current price $45.88

[ Product Detail ]

Size: About 1.8cm

(Based on the diameter of the longest part)

Earring post material: Surgical steel

(See the description of the earring post material at the bottom)

Type: Fashion Costume Jewelry

Material: Brass plating, crystal stone, synthetic resin

Recommended age for use: 14 years or older

Country of origin: Republic of Korea

Manufacturer: Carob (CRFR)


“Today's Jewelry”

that expresses and protects myself.

CRFR's jewelry is 

not a design outsourcing order 

or division of factory-style handmade, 

but is dedicated to the responsible maker 

from product planning to finishing 

to produce each work in high quality.

We pursue more original design 

and thorough quality control 

than the efficiency 

or ease of production of division of labor, 

and produce a small amount of jewelry 

that is scarce and worth keeping.

(Commercial unauthorized use of CRFR's design, product descriptions, and image can lead to strong legal action.)


[ Check points before purchasing ]

(Please purchase carefully as the following is not defective.)

The product color may vary depending on the monitor setting and environment, and may vary slightly depending on the color scheme during production.

If the natural materials are use, marbling, grain, shape, texture, etc. are not the same due to the nature of the material.

Handmade products are difficult to make finishing touches uniformly.

Due to manufacturing reasons, air bubbles and dust may seep into the product.

In the case of silver earring post, the soft nature of silver may cause bending during delivering or unpacking, and there may be partial stains due to non-plating.

You can use the bent needle without any problem by applying a slight force to and straightening it.

All CRFR’s earring posit use allergy-free materials, 

but sensitive response may occur depending on individual skin conditions.

There may be errors in the size of the product depending on the measurement method and handmade finishing.


[ Material for earring post ]

All earring posts used in CRFR are allergy-resistant materials, 

but actual allergic reactions vary depending on the individual, 

so please be careful before purchasing them.

[Surgical steel earring post]

: Color between silver and gray, resistant to discoloration, medical metal, anti-allergy

[Titanium earring post]

: Dark gray color like lead, medical metal, anti-allergy

[Silver earring post]

: Bright silver color, 925 imprints, anti-allergy

[Nickel Free earring post] 

: Silver or gold color, minimize the amount of nickel that causes allergies