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Use Our Code 'welcome' To Get $5 Off Your Order

[Handmade MUG] Everyday lamp and a coffee mug 250ml

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Original price $39.50
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A ceramic artist makes the whole process by hand.
Designing a beautiful white porcelain bowl by digging every line and modernizing the inlay technique of coating the soil.

Everyday lamp and a coffee mug

It is a double-sided mug where you can enjoy a lamp that is in a comfortable space, a blue coffee cup, and a wallpaper with subtle yellow stripes.
Not only do I see when I drink with a mug, but people sitting opposite me can see a small cup of coffee.

Single mug product
7*9.5(Handle included)*7.8cm

Volume 260ml

We make motifs of several objects that can be seen in a stable and peaceful space in our daily lives.

Feel the texture of an adorable picture as if you have a sticker on a warm-colored background.

The inside of the cup is coated (glazed) for ease of use, so the colors of tea and coffee are not cut.
The exterior is coated (glazed) with only the picture part, so you can feel the cuteness like a sticker and a different touch when holding with your hands.

It's delivered in a neat package, so you can give it as a gift right away without additional packaging.


Precautions Before Purchase
Due to the characteristics of ceramics, glaze and soil can cause small spots. The flow of glaze, pinholes (small holes), bumps, and calming cracks of glaze are not reasons for return/exchange.

Everything from the ingredients to the process of making is handmade.
Note that there are some bendings and some deviation on the drawing and size.

Shipping Related Matters
We will ship it right away if you have it in stock. However, we will start production right away if out of stock.

Because all steps are handmade, it can take an average of two weeks (up to four weeks).
If you run out of stock, we will contact you after you place an order.

All international sales are final.