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Use Our Code 'welcome' To Get $5 Off Your Order

Infinity Bracelet (Silver 925 Slim Type Classic)

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Collection theme _ 'Infinite Spirit of Earth' 

All things in the universe originate from the harmony of yin and yang.    
Men and women, day and night, land and water; all are pitted against one another
, but at the same time, are also in complete harmony.
Confrontation is not the conflict but the beginning of coexistence. 
Ambivalence of human nature itself can also be interpreted as a human being in harmony.

The Collection sought to present this ambivalence held by human beings
and the importance of harmony to express a human-like, nature and comport with SIDAEGMAUNG.

Description & Details

Infinity Bracelet

Via the Mobius strip in which the nature, brightness, purity, peace, and harmony of yin and yang are mixed with one another, the Infinity Bracelet pursues the beauty of the intelligence and emotions of modern people from all walks of life with a design presenting the interaction of all things in the universe which we would like to call GUN, GON, GAM, RI.

GUN, GON, GAM, RI means;

A typical symbolic figure that contains the introspection of a human being on the universal law.


Mobius time means;

Time flows endlessly from the past to the present and further to the future.
Time revolves like the Mobius strip throughout convoluted causality in a way in which nobody can see when it starts or finishes.


Silver  92.25% (polishing/emulsification)
Manufacturer  SIDAEGAMSUNG, Republic of Korea (South Korea)


height 1cm, thickness 0.2cm, openness 2.3cm, circumference 18cm

height 1cm, thickness 0.2cm, openness 2.5cm, circumference 20cm

*SIDAEGAMSUNG applied for its design patent for the above product and it can exercise its serious legal rights against those who copy the images without permission and/or steal the design.