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Use Our Code 'welcome' To Get $5 Off Your Order
Use Our Code 'welcome' To Get $5 Off Your Order

Rabbit incense stick holder (rectangular)

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Original price $31.33
$37.50 - $60.50
Current price $44.50

The aroma stick holder has been heated three times up to 1250 degrees of high temperature.


Rabbit Aroma Stick Holder + Aroma Stick 1 set (10 pieces)

All products are wrapped with golden frames.

Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, it takes 7-10 days if it is out of stock. If you need by a specific date, please contact us in advance!

Color: Blue
Size: Rabbit (5x3x6)
Heart Plate (8.5x8.5x0.5)

* The mini rabbit displayed together is a display product and can be purchased additionally.*
When purchasing additional products, they will be delivered separately, and if you want them to be attached to a plate, please leave a message.

The aroma is an aromatic substance that has been processed into a refined state for the scent of plants that are beneficial to humans or to make it easier to use.
Fragrance therapy or aromatherapy using aroma is called aromatherapy, which has been passed down since ancient times and is now becoming an alternative therapy.

Aroma sticks will be selected randomly - but if you have any particular scents you want, please fill out the request box when ordering!

Rosemary - Headache Memory Enhancement
Rose - Appetite suppression stress relief
Jasmine - Alleviates depression
Relax - When you need a break
Eucalyptus - Makes you clear-headed
Peppermint - Recovers from cold and fatigue
Ocean Breeze - Refreshes and purifies air
Lavender - Repels insects and helps insomnia
Citronella - Combating against mosquitos
Frisia - Flower Scent, mind Stabilization
Vanilla - Sweet Scent, Relaxing
Lotus - Flower Scent, Mind Stabilization

Combustion time per piece is around 25 minutes and the scent will stay around 4 hours.

**The incense stick is a KOTITI certified product that can be used safely.**

All international sales are final. In case your item has damage or was received in error, please contact us for a wrong delivery claim and we will provide you a refund.