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Use Our Code 'welcome' To Get $5 Off Your Order

Scented Soy Wax Candle, 8oz, Aromatherapy, Essential Oils

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Scented Soy Wax Candle

☆ 100% handmade
☆ Soy wax and essential oils only
☆ No artificial chemicals such as preservatives
☆ Certified chemical product management system in Korea


  1. March - Ylang Ylang Essential Oil has a sweet and strong flower scent. In Indonesia, there is a custom of putting flowers on the bed of newlyweds. March candles help Insomnia. This is a scent that relieves depression and gives you peace of mind. It's good to place in your bedrooms.
  2. April - Rosemary and peppermint scent will help you concentrate and wake up the mind. It’s good for the office or study room.
  3. May - The mandarin meets with a subtle scent of flowers which will guide you through a happy break. Lavender lovers choose this scent all the time.
  4. June - Grapefruit meets geranium to relieve stress and give positive energy.
  5. July - Close your eyes for a moment, and take a break with a July candle. Eucalyptus will help you breathe and make you feel comfortable.
  6. August - Citronella essential oil is a sweet lemon scent mixed with grass and is known to help fight mosquitoes. August candles help relieve tension by blending Lemongrass and Rose geranium.
  7. September - Cedarwood is a refreshing forest scent that has been used in various ways since ancient times due to its sterilization and antiseptic effects. It has concentration, air purifying effect, and a scent that guides your stressinto the forest.
  8. October - It is the scent of a refreshing forest where cypress and fresh orange meet.
  9. November - Patchouli oil base that helps balance meditation and emotion, you put down your mind's burden with the fragrance of thick earth and trees and return to a pure state.
  10. December - Spicy cinnamon and Ylang Ylang warmly wrap around me like cotton candy. It's lovely. It'll go well with the year-end party.

Product Information:

  • Size: 8oz
  • Duration: 30-40 hour burn time

How to use:

  1. Turn it on for 2-3 hours so that the wax surface can melt evenly when first used, and ventilate it after combustion.
  2. Keep children and pets out of reach and make sure to turn it off when sleeping or going out.
  3. Do not blow out the wick with your mouth, but soak the wick in wax with a dedicated dipper
  4. After use, keep the wick about 5mm long. Longer soot, shorter fire can easily extinguish or lower flame.
  5. Because chemical preservatives are not used, the surface may turn uneven or white due to the changes in temperature and humidity.


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