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Use Our Code 'welcome' To Get $5 Off Your Order

Soft cotton candy slime | Liquid Monster | back to school | gift | toy

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Palette Slime

Use slime as a palette to capture story.


It is a plumpy and smooth type of slime! You can see a dazzling snow in the cloud base once you do drizzle play with it. The combination of pastel tone and cloud type just looks like a cotton candy.
You can decorate it asethetically with start candy parts, form balls and glitters.
* Please note that there are fine color difference after mixing the form *
Type: Cloud
Capacity: 200 ml
Composition: pastel tone base + cotton candy foam ball + star candy parts + glitter
Scent:cotton candy + grapes
Age of use: 14 years old or above


*When the slime melts!) add one or two drops of the enclosed activators, the formulation will clump together.
*When the slime hardens!) add a small amount of Glycerin or PVA water glue which can be easily purchased at pharmacies (jonginara or amos). The texture will be released.
*For more details, please refer to the instructions for how to restore slime.


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