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Use Our Code 'welcome' To Get $5 Off Your Order
Use Our Code 'welcome' To Get $5 Off Your Order

Solid perfume 3-piece gift set

Original price $25.70 - Original price $27.50
Original price $25.70
$37.50 - $39.50
Current price $37.50

5 ml 3p gift wrapping

*Order method
Please select only 5 ml sizes and write down the scent you want in the order request box.

*Perfume type
Miracle: Refreshing, cool and subtle flower-scented blend, four seasons scent for women
Peony: Thin and soft scent
Oriental Flower: A sexy fragrance with roses and musk.
Floral bouquet: rich flower scents of roses, freesias and magnolia.
Rose duet: A strong rose scent.
Marry me: Fresh, sweet and powdery, lovely scent
White jasmine mint: A combination of dark jasmine and bitter mint
L*Ombre Dans L*Eau: Fresh green scent and dark rose scent.
Chance Eau Tendre: A seductive, bubbly and refreshing aroma.
No. 5: Floral scents added to dark powdery scents
La Tulip: Light and fragrant tulip scent
Coco Mademoiselle: An elegant and fascinating feeling
J*adore: Rich, sophisticated flower scent, elegant feeling

Love Spell: Sweet and sour Jaws Bar Strawberry Scent
Viva La Juicy: A combination of fresh raspberries and sweet caramel
Eclat de Arpege: Sweet and cool scent
Plum blossom: Floral and plum Harmony
Philosykos: Figs leaf scent
Petit Cherie: Sweet apple jelly scent
Blackberry & Bay: Dark blackberry and fresh bay scents
English Fair & Freesia: Fresh, cool, sweet scent

Lime basil mandarin: the freshness of lime, mandarin and the warmth of basil.
Nectarine Blossom & Honey: The harmony of peach and honey
L*eau: Orange lemon bergamot's cool and fresh scent
Hesperides: Fresh, sweet grapefruit fresh aroma.
Springflower: A combination of fresh lemon and delicate flowers.

Artisan: A refreshing and cool scent that blends citrus and herbs
Chance: Fresh and lively fresh scent.
Aventus: A manly, heavy woody scent.
Wood Sage & Sea Salt: Sea smell and fresh sage herb scent
Earl Grey & Cucumber: A combination of mild Earl Grey and fresh cucumber.
White musk: Pleasant musk scent
Cotton Blossom: Comfy Soap Scent

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